The Big Picture: Over 1 in 5 U.S. adults live with a mental illness, yet around 55% are not receiving treatment, according to Mental Health America. Addressing this gap, The Confess Project of America has pioneered the first barbershop mental health advocacy program in the U.S, according to Spectrum Local News.

What You Need To Know:

Zoom In: Lorenzo Lewis, the founder of The Confess Project, highlights the impact: “This has been life-saving. Barbers and hairstylists have always been great listeners and counselors. Now, they are equipped with the tools and a system to navigate mental health support appropriately.”

Between the Lines: The program has already made significant strides, reaching over 4 million people across 32 states in less than a decade. The goal is now to extend this reach to 120 million people globally, including training nail technicians as mental health advocates.The Life Anew Angle: Life Anew Behavioral Health can draw inspiration from The Confess Project by incorporating similar community-focused advocacy programs. By training local barbers, hairstylists, and other frontline workers in peer support and mental health advocacy, Life Anew can extend its mission of empowering and uplifting BIPOC and underrepresented communities. This approach aligns with Life Anew’s dedication to providing culturally competent care and fostering community solidarity, ensuring comprehensive mental health support is accessible to all.